The projects presented to gebretensae

The projects presented to gebretensae

The state Council is encouraged to recognize only implemented four of them.


The state Council working group before its meeting on 23 November made observations and claims the priority national projects. One of the housing and, when allocated to the funding recognized as unenforceable, the four executable, from a direct assessment of the other nine regions, whose opinion on the projects and a determination will be made by the state Council, declined. One of the main problems is the systemic incompatibility of the principle of “targets” in the national projects and the system of standards on which to build the activities of the state now.

The meeting of the state Council (recall from 2000, is a consultative body under the President to coordinate the work of Federal and regional Executive government) on 23 November will be devoted to discussion of the national projects the main changes in the budget system of the country, certain the may decree of Vladimir Putin in may 2018.

Passport 12 national projects and infrastructure program until 2024 approved in the fall of 2018, despite the different degree of development, their costs are accounted for in the budget for the 2019-2021 years. The state Council working group prepared for the meeting of the 23 November report (the project is at the disposal of “Kommersant”), which consolidated the view of the regions about the feasibility of projects and necessary amendments.

The main management the working group’s proposal is predictable is the creation of the Advisory Commission under the state Council to monitor the achievement of targets of national projects, consisting of equal numbers of representatives of the presidential administration, government and heads of regions.

Its implementation is not obvious: the structure of the project office, this “add-in” does not imply and does not require. More likely to be implemented in another shared idea of the state Council — reducing the number of indicators: now they are all national projects 1326, of which “top-level” — 115, proposed to reduce their number to 22.

Predictable most of the claims of the regions for projects connected with financing. Although the regions account for a small portion of these costs, the discrepancy between the figures of financing of national projects in the years 2019-2021 for passports in the budget (in 2019 182 billion rubles in 2020 — 325 billion rubles., in 2021 — 379 bn) concern of governors is that the “adjustment” will be increased requirement of co-financing of national projects to regional budgets.

These fears are premature: about 33% of the financing of national projects is not fully distributed, the first Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov critically evaluated the quality of the greater part of the passports. On the merits, without political demands to speed the preparation of documents national projects “missing” to the beginning of the 2019 — which probably happens de facto in the form of adjustment.

Purpose of the report was to evaluate the feasibility of each of the national projects. Only in one case — a national project “Housing” — the document evaluates the project as generally unenforceable, at least if you implement it in the amounts projected by the Ministry to the regions. Four national project — the digital economy, science, culture and export promotion — deemed enforceable. In respect of the remaining right opinion is not expressed. So, in the case of national priority project on ecology opinion looks rather positive.