In the zoo San Diego unexpectedly born a baby siamang

In the zoo San Diego unexpectedly born a baby siamang

About the pregnancy of his mother, no one suspected.


An amazing event happened in mid-November in the zoo of the American city of San Diego. 37-year-old female siamang Eloise gave birth to a baby. This event was a complete surprise for staff, because for many years Eloise has been in the program for birth control and to have children in General could not.

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However, the birth of a new inhabitant of the zoo was a very joyful event and a sensation. The fact that this is the first baby siamang, who was born here in the last 12 years.

In addition, siamang (species of Gibbon living in the tropical forests of Malaysia and Indonesia) are now under threat of extinction, and therefore another representative of this species — a great success.

The kid’s dad who is yet to choose a name that has become a permanent partner Eloise, with whom over the years of living in the zoo they gave birth to six cubs.

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