In Argentina have recreated the prospective scenario of death of the submarine “San Juan”

In Argentina have recreated the prospective scenario of death of the submarine “San Juan”

MEXICO city, Nov 20 — RIA Novosti. Argentine experts have reconstructed a possible scenario of death of the submarine “San Juan”, which could take several hours, according to the portal Nacion.


A year ago, the sunken submarine was found last Friday and deformed with signs of the explosion, 500 miles from shore and at a depth of over 900 metres.

As the newspaper writes, citing a draft report of the expert Commission under the Ministry of defense of Argentina, it is likely that the first fire could occur on Board in the area of the nasal electric batteries 14 November 2017, that is, the day before the death of the submarine.

Explosion and fire could have caused the ingress of water into the battery through the ventilation system.

According to this version, and “San Juan” surfaced, the crew, despite the bad weather and at night, make repairs, after which the submarine again dived under the water for the route to the Navy base of Mar del Plata. And reported the incident to the command of the boats reported ashore only on the morning of 15 November, after which the submarine continued to move in a submerged position.

Then, presumably, on Board or resumed partially extinguished the fire, or started a new that led to the loss of control of the submarine, which began to rapidly go down. All this occurred against the background of psychological and physical fatigue of the team, a few hours struggling with the fire in the battery compartment.

Reaching critical depth, the submarine could be crushed by the mass of water that the experts call now the cause of the deformation of its body. Originally referred to aimed inside the explosion, but now experts believe that the housing “San Juan” was compressed at great depths.