Died lost her apartment because of fraud 93-year-old veteran

Died lost her apartment because of fraud 93-year-old veteran

A world war II veteran, 93-year-old Anatoly Doronin has died after he tricked away the only housing. About it reports “the Fifth channel”.


According to the information portal “Вести.Ru” in 2017 the man came fraudsters and announced the debts of his grandson before a microfinance organization in 1,5 million roubles. The attackers said Doronin, if he will not give them money, then of his grandson “go to jail”, and a great-grandson-student “something might happen”.

Startled, the veteran agreed to take out a loan secured by an apartment, but instead contract collectors gave him the deed to his one-bedroom apartment in Golyanovo.

Doronin tried to seize the property, but the court found the transaction to be legitimate and dismissed the appeal. The apartment is sold, but the new owner has allowed the elderly to live there until death. More than a month, the man went to Moscow with a sign asking for help.

On 8 November the head of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin has instructed to conduct an audit in the case of Doronin.