Russia told about the war of Western countries against the OPCW

Russia told about the war of Western countries against the OPCW

USA, UK and France are waging a real war against the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW). This is stated in the press release of permanent mission of Russia to the OPCW, reports TASS.


“Contrary to the statement that Syria and Russia “continue to create obstacles” for deployment in the Duma of the OPCW mission to establish facts of chemical weapons (MOFS), namely Russia and Syria have jointly appealed to thesecretariat with a call to immediately send a team of experts to investigate the incident. Despite the April 10 statement indicating the planned arrival of the team, MUFC in Damascus on the morning of 14 April, the Western trio of aggressors treacherously struck a rocket attack in SAR — just hours before the expected arrival of OPCW inspectors,” say the diplomats.

“In light of this, it becomes obvious that the war against the OPCW, and not propaganda, but the real, is not Russia, namely the United States, France and Britain,” — said the Russian permanent mission.

On 26 April, the representative of Syria Hasan Abeid at a briefing to the OPCW stated that the militants in Duma was discovered chemicals, supplied from Germany and the UK, in particular, from the laboratory of Porton Down. Later, the Russian permanent representative to the OPCW Alexander Shulgin noted that his American counterpart “lay down the bones” to dissuade its allies from participation in the briefing.

On 6 April, the information appeared about the use of chemical weapons in the city Duma by the troops of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Damascus and Moscow consider such accusations a provocation. The OPCW information about the chemical attack is not confirmed, despite this, the United States, France and Britain on the night of 14 April, fired on the territory of Syria.