All over the world celebrate the birthday of the “father of modern ballet”

All over the world celebrate the birthday of the “father of modern ballet”

Today, April 29th marks international dance day. As conceived by the initiators, the festival aims to unite all areas of dance, as well as be the reason for honoring this art form and its ability to overcome all political, cultural, and ethnic boundaries.

International day of dance, started celebrating since 1982 on the initiative of the International dance Council of UNESCO. The date for the holiday was chosen the birthday of the French choreographer, theorist and reformer of the ballet by Jean-Georges Noverre, who was born in 1727 and went down in history as the “father of modern ballet”.

Initially, the ballet was part of the Opera only as a dance piece. Never first came to the idea of creating separate and independent from the Opera ballet.

In their own innovative productions, he embodied the idea of ballet as a finished performance with action-based drama development.

Never first began to put the whole dance performances that had the full story and played out by characters endowed with characters. Having established the principles of the heroic ballet and ballet theatre of tragedy, he wrote a number of fundamental theoretical developments in staging of ballet performances.

In his theoretical essay, “Letters on dancing and ballets” Never substantiated the principles of ballet-plays based on literary plot and is embodied by means of pantomime and dance.

Only the choreographer has put more than 80 ballets. Among the most significant productions — “Medea and Jason”, “Adele de Ponthieu”, “Apelles and Campaspe”, “the horaces and curiaces.” and “Iphigenia in Aulis.”

According to tradition, every year the international dance day, any of well-known representatives of the world of choreography appears to appeal to the public. Among Russian choreographers who have received this honor, was choreographer Yuri Grigorovich, as well as ballerinas Maya Plisetskaya and Ulyana Lopatkina.