Putin told how young professionals has created a powerful shock system

Putin told how young professionals has created a powerful shock system

St. PETERSBURG, April 26 — RIA Novosti. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting with rectors spoke about how young professionals worked to create new weapons and in seven years have created a powerful, the world’s most advanced combat system.


“About the interaction between universities and enterprises of the military-industrial complex, you said it was difficult to organize. And what is the difficulty? On the contrary, it seemed to me that there work is carried out”, — Putin said, referring to the rector of the Moscow state technical University. Bauman Anatoly Alexandrov.

According to Alexandrov, the work is challenging, very demanding and not everyone can manage that. “We once conducted research, we have few universities are able in this work to participate, before ten times more involved. Here’s the thing,” said Alexandrov.

In turn, Putin noted that Alexandrov asked to specify the problem to solve it.

“I, on the contrary, to be honest… the experience and knowledge in this sense is positive. I have, in my opinion, even publicly said in the message I talked about it, we have created a very modern and unique, absolutely unparalleled in the world of weapons systems” — said the President..

One such system was created by a very young team. When I met with them, we the state award they were given, and came very young people. I ask them: where did you come from? They say the grants have only begun to pay, we as a group from the University came, created a team, and within seven years they developed this powerful, the world’s most advanced shock combat system.Mr Putinprime of the Russian Federation

He stressed that if the necessary measures to continue and intensify such work, he needs to talk about them.