For four days in five regions of Russia was suppressed the activity of 26 participants of the bandit groups

MOSCOW, April 26. /TASS/. FSB of Russia in the course of a series of operations in five regions of Russia stopped activity of 26 participants of bandit groups and terrorist organizations. This was reported in the Center of public relations (TSOs) FSB of Russia.

“The Federal security service of the Russian Federation in the period from 21 to 24 April and conducted a number of successful events, resulting in suppressed in the territories of the republics of Dagestan and Tatarstan, Stavropol Krai, Omsk and Ulyanovsk regions, the illegal activities of 12 members of illegal armed groups and 14 members of terrorist organizations”, – reported in TSOs FSB.

It noted that “the leadership of all neutralized in the period from 21 to 24 April cells banned terrorist organizations from Syria leaders, planning and preparing sabotage and terrorist actions, as well as the active promotion of the ideology of terrorism was carried out through Telegram messenger.

The cells in the region

So, on April 21 in Stavropol stopped by the criminal activities of a supporter of the international terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), sworn to the leader of ISIS and was planning a resonant terrorist attack using firearms and improvised explosive devices in government buildings of the region and the FSB of the Stavropol region.