Evil oath and kind dragon

Evil oath and kind dragon

What threatens humanity is withering away of a sense of humor.

A new hit in the Network: the Colonel of the national guard, the U.S. air force took the oath of Sergeant Robin brown, who repeated the oath… with a toy puppet on his right hand. Video of the ceremony shot by the third party, the military, which, though behind the scenes, but also landed in the midst of a scandal, immediately seized the Network.


Remember when the Profession of Arms was taken seriously?!? SMDH!!! Tennessee Air National Guard Public Affairs United States Air Force Air National Guard Director (4,291,000+ reached)

Published Air Force amn/nco/snco 14 APR 2018At boot time the error occurred.

And he rolled a wave of popular anger in the comments: “but how?”, “What next?”, “Nothing sacred!”, “Demote, dismiss, punish!”, “And it is our valiant army!”, “All is lost, morals collapsed!”. The portal iz.ru find out exactly where “the world is heading”.

The idea that sometimes you can have a little fun, without losing the shoulder straps, and in fact the Protocol value during the re-oath is the signing of the documents, not the ceremony itself, and the idea that the actions of the valiant war determines not humorous videos, as a service for the benefit of the Fatherland, was predictable under aim and just fire. In the network of “defenders” has suggested to start to invite clowns for a funeral service members of the controversial video has punished and demoted and it was well-established pattern of another scandal.

Here is what is interesting. First, fear. “Our army protects us” — international mantra. There’s always either war or its threat. The enemy, even if he does not have a goal, not sleep. Always somewhere someone bombing advocates of all countries update anxious and aggressive agenda, and the wind of a new cold war is blowing from the East, from the West.

In this tense international situation, it is possible to laugh only at the jokes gone too far stand-up comedians, but if you start to misbehave officers of the national guard, a narrow-minded anxiety level jumps to critical.

The argument that the military — the same people, victimized by the Statute under which they are ground, not taken into account. The army is very serious. Everything is cause-and-effect relationship stick together in one big lump, and if the officers — oh, my God! — an oath with a puppet on his hand, so they don’t believe in anything, they don’t care about discipline, the people and the homeland, standards are falling, we have no one to protect, it’s over, they’ll put our rocket on the fireworks! Mass hysteria is not a real threat, and, in fact, comical video.

The work of the Dutch philosopher and historian Johan heyzingi the “playing Man” (Homo ludens) was published in 1938, exactly on the eve of the most terrible war in human history. In his work, the scientist analyzes the nature of the game and its place in culture, seeks and explores space, forever apologetic conflicting society, and recognizes the importance of “man the player”, no less than a “human doing”.

What Huizinga formulated the idea of the “withering away of humor.” It was his absence he considered a public threat. In his work the scientist quotes Plato, who argued that “serious should be that serious, and not Vice versa” and that “though human Affairs are not worth great seriousness, we have to be serious, though this is not happiness.”

In any public scandal around the “morality” question of the confrontation of the species desire to shomiti and inhuman seriousness with which the law protects values that are assigned to the sacred and high. Our “GIMP”-flight school students not too long ago done the noise, sasori Internet for its hot dance in shorts and uniform caps. Then, too, a predictable alarmed by the usual scheme: “Nothing is sacred, where the world is heading?” And also arose the question of the relationship of seriousness, responsibility and morality with the pursuit of game, humor and freedom from conventions.

In the case of cadets, we can say that friendship has won, and “Homo ludens”. At least a huge number of spontaneously erupted, sometimes naive and stupid folk flashmob in support omniswitches guys confirmed that even army discipline, and perhaps that it primarily needs a discharge and what not, all kinds of childish to see the threat of military or any other virtue.

But in contrast, it is Ulyanovsk cadets American officers — adults, with their demand of the other. They went on, and not just “defamed the honor of the military uniform” and “desecrated the sanctity of the oath”, wearing a toy in the hand of the Sergeant. Cute, by the way, a woman who in all seriousness, the inherent time, even once, as the actors say, “don’t split”, repeated for not less serious serious Colonel put the words of the oath. The whole scene was worked out in the best traditions of the classic Comedy, when only one awkward item — a toy dinosaur on the hand — confuses all the cards and turns high to low and the serious in the funny.

And you’ve got to understand that no matter how puritanical and prudish haven’t seen us and there and here American society, but in its culture all the “Holy and serious” uninterrupted tested bypassing any political correctness — for example, in the genre of Comedy, where the scene not only ridiculed the government and national values, but also disabled children, pregnant women and death itself.

Famous for its black humor and lack of boundaries in total wyszukiwanie and cinema. There are high material and Patriotic passages and traditionally chic we chill with the jokes on the verge of a foul. In the same “thunder”, where the parodied everything from the great Patriotic paintings to the actor’s brother, the character Tom cruise’s unscrupulous millionaire Les Grossman refers to the hero of Vietnam:

You are a true American, this nation owes you an unpayable debt!.. Now shut your YAP and let me work!.

In the film “Once in Ireland” politically incorrect, literally everything, from the remarks addressed to African-Americans to attacks against the CIA, and even the Russian literary classics. But, in fairness, it’s still the Irish, they are generally the law does not apply.

Cinema in this sense is a great test marker: on a subconscious level, society has a habit vaccinated against the inevitable excesses of pathos, peculiar to a vigilant public morality. Accustomed to the fact that you can connect high and funny, critical and cynical without any loss in the main — for example, the heroic promise. We wouldn’t dream of that, we’ve just released the same “Hitler, Kaput!”. Managed to get to the tightening moral and censor and ban the new times.

But in America, the boundaries between the world of illusion and reality today are verified with rapt attention. The neighing show stenderu sacred cause, to push the wrong props on the official event is to be substituted for the full program. Adherence to the conventions of the ritual is of great importance. Won in Rome since the decline of the Empire without strict rules of Seating any decent drunk it was impossible to hold. But the booze, and then the oath under the national flag!

And here is found another interesting point which directly concerns us. Hiding behind the iron curtain and the fear of the Wild West and decaying capitalism, the Soviet people at the same time admired his fatal beauty. Abroad the frightened and Manila, and the meeting struck first by the abundance of sausage, and then a level unheard of freedoms.

And then it turned out that instead of complex feelings in the range of a love-hate relationship must come to an objective understanding of the world.

It is clear that the propaganda machine on all continents work “flavor enhancers” and for forming and correcting any summons in the right way and direction. But not agents of the state Department forcing people to write comments to the news.

Social networks and when given the opportunity to test this world is not in the format of TV news, but directly. Today there is no need to consult the official reports, to understand how “the public reacted to the incident”. You can go to the forum and browse the comments to the same incident with a dragon and oath. Scroll through them and realize that the average American man in the street is not much different from ours. In cases where someone comes in boxes marked society “sacredness”, he just starts to choke with indignation and wail about the loss of morality.

We used to believe that there’s no hole blacker then ours, and that our stupidity and bigotry invincible nor progress, nor common sense, but it turned out that of the “decadent West” is full of their ideas. And good, hope to inspire only those who, for example, in the episode with the military leadership of the U.S. air force scribble in the comments that, say, it may be silly, but funny and quite scary. That the officers are people too, and the sky will not collapse on the heads due to a child’s toy.

And even better would be bothered about the rights of the dinosaurs that were involved in the scandal against their will.

And because, as Huizinga wrote in the last century, if something dangerous really is the withering away of a sense of humor. Which, if you look, all just kept in this far from perfect world where adults behave like children, others see it as a threat, and puppets have human voices. As said the heroine of Dina Korzun in the film “country of the deaf”: “How terrible to live!”.