What happens at the enterprises “Rusala”: the stories of workers

What happens at the enterprises “Rusala”: the stories of workers

The American Ministry of Finance did not rule out easing of the sanctions regime in relation to the company. Are there any problems with the salaries and what they say in the team?

Australian-British mining group Rio Tinto is able to resume cooperation with the Irish company “RUSAL”. This was reported by the Financial Times.

This information appeared after the U.S. Treasury did not rule out easing of the sanctions regime against the manufacturer of aluminium if Oleg Deripaska, will cease to control the company. Rio Tinto is the main supplier of bauxite to the Irish plant “RUSAL” and the buyer of alumina, can resume the relationship with the company under contracts signed before the announcement of the sanctions.

Revision Business FM decided to find out how things are now at the enterprises “Rusala” in Russia, there is a problem with the salaries and what was discussed in the team.

Responsible employee Theological aluminum plant Ilya:

— While wages, the advance in time to come, it’s okay. Worse yet, there wasn’t. Concerning the mood — at first when this all happened with these sanctions, many thought that no premiums will stay, but nothing happened, all the same, all is well.

— The news about the fact that USA declare that if Deripaska refuses to control, sanctions will be removed, a subject for discussion or conversation?

— Yes, many times heard discussed in the team this question. Discuss, I think that can happen, as the us may be affected. Theological aluminum plant — forming enterprise, i.e. the majority of people working on it and our city and nearby towns.

I would not want to be shut down or something, because finding another job we have in the city will be very difficult. Immediately the city will begin, roughly speaking, to die.

At the enterprises “Rusala” in the Irkutsk region is also no special problems, the Chairman of the Irkutsk regional organization of the Mining and metallurgical trade Union of Russia Nikolay Evstafyev:

— [For] enterprises “Rusala” which are located in the Irkutsk region, the official documents for the suspension of any collective agreements or the provisions of the collective agreement has not been received. There are some problems with the production of certain types of products. All Directors assured that delays in salaries will not be, any wages due to the current situation too will not be affected. Information we collect and analyze, no cuts no.

— Are there any average figures, what is the average wage of an employee?