Truckers blocked the road to save a potential suicide

Truckers blocked the road to save a potential suicide

According to police, the first time the call for help has responded to so many drivers.

In the United States on the track outside Detroit, it was possible to observe an unusual scene: under the bridge lined up 13 trucks. But it was not protest — so the truckers set out to rescue a potential suicide, who was on the bridge.

There is some confusion with the photo taken this morning. This is not an MSP photo as we don’t share law enforcement tactics. This photo was taken by a photographer at @FOX2News that was also doing their job this morning at the scene.

— MSP Metro Detroit (@mspmetrodet) April 24, 2018

The signal is about a man who was allegedly preparing to settle scores with life, truck drivers handed over to the local police — in the US, this practice is not uncommon. In the case of a jump, the car significantly reduces the distance to the earth, and therefore the chances of survival of a person is much higher.

Fortunately, this time there were potentially suicidal listened to the words of the police officers came down and agreed to seek medical help.

As noted in the police, they had never seen so many drivers who volunteered to help in this situation.