The star of the show “Smallville” tried to lure Emma Watson in a cult

The star of the show “Smallville” tried to lure Emma Watson in a cult

Last Friday, the actress Allison Mack was arrested on charges of slave-trading. The star of the television series “Smallville” was a member of the sect in which women were forced to engage in an intimate relationship and used them as slave labor. One of the victims almost became the actress Emma Watson.

Allison Mack, the actress, known for the cult series from the early 2000s “Smallville,” was arrested by the FBI a year after the arrest of the leader of the project NXIVM (pronounced “nexium” — “Газета.Ru”) Keith Ren’er, who was charged with multiple charges of abusing dozens of young women, sex trade and forced labor.

According to the Bureau, Allison Mack was the right hand of the Ren’er and lured future slaves, assuring them that they join an organization that fights for the rights and opportunities of women.

All the girls promised to overcome their weaknesses and expand their personal boundaries. If all charges against the MEK will be proved in court, then she will go to prison for at least 15 years.

Allison Mack tried to recruit to the sect and Emma Watson. In 2016, the star of the cult series 00-x a few times attempted to attract the attention of Watson, known for her feminist views, to a kind of phantom “a unique human development and the women’s movement”. She turned to star “Harry Potter” on Twitter. In her message, she wrote: “As an actress I agree with your vision and what you want to see in the world. I think we can work together. Let me know if you want to talk.”

Fortunately, accidentally or intentionally, Emma Watson did not pay attention to the call of our colleagues, but the Mack made another attempt at international Women’s day. In a new post she said Catherine Jensen, who organized the Women’s March in Washington, and actress. Now the message Allison Mack was in short: “Thanks for the motivation! Happy to chat with another activist”. The efforts of the IEC in vain, and organization dedicated to “women’s development”, was left without a recruit.

One of the women that tried to recruit the IEC in 2014, gave an interview with People, telling about his experience with the sectarian.

When the actress wrote to the yoga instructor Jennifer Pastelow on Twitter, she made a very good first impression, was sincerely interested in what is happening in her life and tried to support Jennifer during a difficult period in her life — then the girl broke her leg. Their uncomplicated communication did not last long: soon, the IEC began to describe his new friend some “intensive workshops”, which she described as “the most profound and amazing thing ever made”.

At this moment Pastelow alert, because the IEC is guaranteed to fill some of the gaps, which could take place in a girl’s life.

After that Jennifer began to ignore the recruiter and have already forgotten about this story, but on Friday I saw the news about the arrest, and there was a picture.

The consequence considers that after the above “seminars” IEC has acquired a personal slave, which sold the Ren’er for cash or reciprocal services.

The organization’s website States that “NXIVM is a community humanname guided by principles that aim to empower people and answering important questions about what it means to be human.” However, the stories of the victims of the sect can understand that they were treated, guided by anything but humanitarian concerns.

Ren’er and his associates, who now are wanted, in addition to the physical injuries inflicted heavy psychological trauma to women.

Many of them were wealthy and famous people — they were forced to rewrite the company is their property and share personal information. At the first meeting of all participants in the “seminars” were forced to confess their secrets and share any valuable information that could be used for blackmail.

The problem is that many victims of prolonged psychological pressure still adore the Ren’er, or “Vanguard” as it is called in the sect. Master-classes of Keith Ren’er since the company’s founding in 1998 it is approximately 16 thousand people.

By training he is a mathematician, and before he became aware of his crimes, famous for one of the highest IQ among his contemporaries.

Failed the victim of the slavers Jennifer Pastelow at the end of his interview said that she had no desire to meet Allison Mack and more to go on any courses. “If I wanted, then I would go to one of these workshops, and then who knows what could happen?”.