Police studied his former partner and paid

Police studied his former partner and paid

An employee of the British police from Stafford (Staffordshire) used his official position to follow former husband and the former wife and children of the cohabitant.

It got her removed from office, fined 270 pounds (over 300 euros) and six months of community service, reports the Daily Mail.

44-year-old Michelle Dunn (Michelle Denne) since 2009, several times illegally collected data from police databases. She was caught in the investigation, initiated after the detection of violations. In the end, she pleaded guilty in six cases.

As reported, den — the mother of three children. After the separation from her husband she started a new relationship with a man named Fincher. The police were extremely strained relationship with his ex-wife, and once she climbed to the database at work and collected information about the woman, her children and family.

In 2010, she was also looking for information about a sex offender living on the same street, and five years later — the person who has parked the vehicle leading to her home track. In 2015, she also decided to study the life of the former spouse, and for the last time, in March of 2017, once again interested in the family of Fincher.

The lawyer insisted that Dann used his position only in rare cases, to protect your personal life and children. He pointed out that the woman has not received any benefit from this, and also not passed on the information to third parties. Police in Staffordshire said that the staff every day to handle sensitive data and are required to adhere to the rules of use of the system, so any violation will be punished.