A Ukrainian court has ordered to initiate proceedings against Poroshenko

A Ukrainian court has ordered to initiate proceedings against Poroshenko

KIEV, April 25 — RIA Novosti. The court ordered law enforcement authorities to initiate criminal proceedings against President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, said the lawyer, former Deputy Prosecutor General Renat Kuzmin.

The court requires to investigate the case of forming a criminal organization to evade taxes.

“The investigators have to find out, did this criminal organization the guarantor of the Constitution, or is made for him by his “beloved friends”, and he kind of did not know and did not know,” wrote Kuzmin in Facebook.

According to him, this is the tenth case against Poroshenko.

The lawyer says that earlier he claims the courts are already required to conduct a series of investigations.

In particular, we are talking about “treason Poroshenko with funding from the Russian army he owned through Lipetsk factory Roshen”; illicit enrichment Poroshenko in the case of the subsidiary; deprivation Poroshenko Ukrainian citizenship Saakashvili; expulsion at the direction of Poroshenko to Georgia, security guards and drivers Saakashvili; the possible bribery of members of Parliament for the appointment of the Prosecutor General; the facts of existence in Ukraine of secret prisons SBU — according to the UN report on the facts-judicial executions and torture in the military operation zone in the Donbas — according to the UN report on the abuse by Ukraine’s announcement in search of opponents of the government as Interpol channels; of “unlawful interference” in Ukraine’s elections.

“All these crimes involved our unforgettable President,” insisted the lawyer.

However, he did not specify whether instituted criminal proceedings according to decisions of the courts.