In Voronezh has died former bassist of the group “Sector Gaza”

In Voronezh has died former bassist of the group “Sector Gaza”

VORONEZH, April 23 — RIA Novosti. Former bass guitarist of the famous rock group “Sektor Gaza” Sergey Tupikin died in Voronezh, have informed RIA Novosti the representative of the Voronezh regional Bureau it is judicial-medical examination.

Information about the death of musician appeared Monday in a social network “Vkontakte”. In particular, the page fans of the band, where it was reported that the death occurred at 00.30 GMT.

“Tupikin Sergey Ivanovitch with us in the morning of 23 April,” — said the representative of the medical examiner’s office.

The cause of death he did not disclose, explaining that everything will be specified in the certificate, which will give the relatives.

Sergei Tupikin was the bass guitarist of the group “Sector Gaza” at the group’s concerts from 1989 to 1993 and played guitar in the Studio and at concerts in 1988-1989.

According to the site of admirers of group “Gaza strip”, in late summer 2011, unknown assailants beat musician near the house. After that, according to local media, Tupikin had multiple surgeries and became disabled.