The CIA published a Memorandum associated with Gina was Haspel

The CIA published a Memorandum associated with Gina was Haspel

MOSCOW, 21 APR — RIA Novosti. The CIA has published disciplinary Memorandum associated with the charges in the destruction of videotapes of torture during interrogations Gina has Haspel, which is a candidate for the post of Director of the office, according to the newspaper Politico, citing the document.

Earlier, U.S. President Donald trump was offered the place of the Director of the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) Gina was Haspel, which if approved by the Senate, will become the first woman to head the Ministry. A number of human rights organizations in this regard, urged senators, who argue the candidacy of the head of the CIA, a serious study of the past Haspel.

According to the publication, in the Memorandum on behalf of the who was at that time the post of Director of the intelligence Agency, Michael Morrell reported that Haspel “acted appropriately” regarding the destruction videos.

According to him, Aspel took part in the destruction of more than 90 magazines with videos of interviews, however, acted at the request of her former Manager Jose Rodriguez.

As the newspaper notes, the destroyed records are the main concern of U.S. senators in connection with the appointment Haspel for the post of head of the intelligence Department.