Sold: for that criticize beauty contests

Sold: for that criticize beauty contests

Beauty contests attract the attention of viewers all over the world already not the first decade. Recently, however, opponents of such events is increasing. “Газета.Ru” explains what’s wrong with contests of this kind.


In the world there are hundreds of beauty pageants: global and regional, for married and unmarried women, for Teens and even for kids. Watch them, discuss them participating, and the photos are carefully considered. However, every year it becomes clearer in the modern world it is impossible to judge people on the exterior.

In the real world women and men of any age are worthy of respect and recognition for their ambitions, culture, looks, performance. Whether for companies against this background, a large value of the external data? No doubt, but this value should cease to be a priority.


The rules and criteria of all the major beauty pageants are about the same: in addition to having citizenship of the country represented, the nominees must adhere to a healthy lifestyle should not be relevant to erotica or pornography, as well as tattoos and criminal records.

Now, it gets interesting: one of the objectives of miss Russia, for example, is the promotion of moral and family values and the “strengthening of positive image of Russia in the international community”.

In the compulsory program of the competition includes the catwalk in swimwear, evening gowns, talent and intellectual exercise.

Miss Russia VS Miss America

The main prize of the contest “Miss America” — it’s an impressive scholarship in the amount of $50 thousand, in addition, the winner receives a “six-figure sum and an annual payment of any entertainment expenses during his reign.” Also “Miss America” is obliged to work with social services to support children, families, seniors, veterans and the homeless.

The winner of the title “Miss Russia” gets a huge crown made of precious metals and a cash prize in the amount of 3 million rubles.

In 2018 in the best traditions of show Jakubowicz winner of the competition of Yulia Poschechinu was also given a car.

A large-scale competition “Miss America” is more oriented for the modern woman than the Russian. Compare: the questions of Americans on intellectual competition discuss political issues, and the new Miss Russia was asked about what kind of art she had learned in childhood parents and how this meeting has affected her life.

By the way, Julia Poschechina responded with gratitude to her personal trainer for aerobics, accompanying it with the words “this sport was laid in my heart”.