Scientists: strict self-assessment of health can kill

Scientists: strict self-assessment of health can kill

A fresh scientific study found a surprising link between what people have in mind, and their health. Our understanding of our own fitness play an important role.

How healthy you feel, is determined not only by how much time you give physical exercise and exercise, yet do you compare yourself with your friends and acquaintances.

If you have realized that can not cope with the training schedule, which earlier this year promised yourself to stick to, try not to dwell on how much exercise you were obliged to perform, but did not.

Scientists have found out that if you take too seriously his physical activity and constantly think that you’re not doing a good job, such thoughts really can turn yourself into a not very healthy person.

At Stanford University (USA) examined mortality data pertaining to 61 thousand adults.

For 21 years gathered information about how people have stretched your body and — most importantly — what they thought about the way they look against their peers. Under this term some of the observed died from various diseases.

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Analyzing different factors that could affect the health of the study participants, the researchers found something unexpected.

Those people who believed that it is not practiced as much as their friends, peers, dying at a younger age than those who thought that exercising more — even if the actual training volume was the same for both.

Moreover, the effect persisted even when the researchers took into account different participants ‘ health factors such as Smoking.

Of course, fitness classes, Wellness exercises increase the expected duration of your life. However, from this study it can be concluded that our understanding of our own fitness also play an important role.