Russians are the world’s first reached the North pole on a bike

Russians are the world’s first reached the North pole on a bike

Bogdan Bulychev conquered the most Northern point of our planet and set two world records.

17 April at 19.30 the cyclist reached the North pole on the bike, what soon said in his Facebook. “At the moment of reaching the cherished goal of course emotions were running high, wrote Bulychev. Immediately after all formalities, I called my wife right there, then indeed, my heart grew warm and came to realize what happened.”

Friends, another geographical point on the map added to my list, but still some.
17 April at 19:30.

Bogdan Bulychev published on 19 April 2018At boot time the error occurred.

The expedition started on 14 April with drifting ice station Barneo, organized by the Russian geographical society. Bulychev made it to the pole on several types of transport, and the final part of the route is approximately 10 km across the ice of the Arctic ocean — covered by the bike.

But despite this, the cyclist reached the goal.

By the way, at the North pole, the traveler managed to establish and the second record — he made the world’s fastest velcrohead — time 48 seconds. The record was witnessed by the chief of the polar station Barneo, the documents have been sent to the Guinness Book of records, Russian Book of records and the Guinness Book of records Europe.