“I was close to death”: in Britain a woman was first convicted of domestic violence

“I was close to death”: in Britain a woman was first convicted of domestic violence

22-year-old Briton Jordan worth sentenced to 7.5 years in prison in the case of domestic violence. This is the first in the country’s history sentence for this article in relation to women.

Worth charged that for several years abused his lover, 22-year-old Alex Skil suffering from hydrocephalus.

Alix Skeel, 22, fought back tears as he described his ‘open burns’ three-stone weight loss and fear of losing his arms and legs after his ‘cruel’ childhood sweetheart scalded him pic.twitter.com/ggROqVq8QI

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In an interview with British media Skil said that his girlfriend for nearly four years caused him not only moral, but physical harm, with the result that he was on the verge of death.

According to the young man, Jordan was inflicted wounds with a knife, doused him with boiling water, forbidden to sleep with her in bed and decided what clothes he should wear.

In addition, she had forbidden her lover to contact with relatives and friends, broke his mobile phone and even controlled his page in Facebook.“Happy couple”

Alex Skil says that she met Jordan when he was 16 years old, they both at that time studied at Bedford College. She became his first girlfriend, before that he never had a serious relationship.

According to the Sun newspaper, Jordan worth, grew up in a prosperous, loving family, a good student in school and at the University of Hertfordshire and wanted to be a teacher. She also was doing volunteer work in animal shelters and raised money to help children in Africa.

British media published photos of them Alex and Jordan look like a happy couple: they rest together, kissing and smiling at the camera.

Male Suffered From Horrific Domestic Abuse Speaks Out As Ex-GF Is Jailed #funny #hilarious #lol #pics #fun #meme pic.twitter.com/2L3aEyFnK8

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However, judging by the stories of Skill, the idyll was merely a facade, behind which was a genuinely terrible things, worthy of Hollywood horror film.

“Go die!”

“The physical violence began nine months ago, and four years before that continued moral humiliation,” — says Alex in an interview with the Daily Mail.

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The young man says that his relatives were aware of the fact that Jordan has a moral pressure, but did not know about the physical violence on her part.

She spent two years trying to keep me away from them. I have a very loving family, loving parents, but she didn’t let me talk to them. She beat me and fuck the boiling water hurt my hands, claiming that I was talking with my family, although I didn’t do it.Alex

Backstage at #this morning with Alex Skeel. Domestic Abuse survivor sharing his story to help others in similar situation. pic.twitter.com/U07Q6FS725

Bedfordshire Police (@bedspolice) 18 APR 2018

The situation was aggravated by the fact that the Skil suffered from hydrocephalus (water on the brain), making it even more vulnerable to violence.

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Physical violence from the girl begins with simple Toscani and poking, but gradually has taken alarming proportions, recognized the victim.

“I remember once she hit me over the head with a plug for a laptop, I started bleeding, I said, “Please help me”. I bowed my head, blood continued to flow. She went up the stairs, I again asked: “Please help me” and she said “Go die!” says Alex.