In Britain figured out how to motivate people to exercise

In Britain figured out how to motivate people to exercise

The pleasant with the useful.

The problem of excess weight and poor health due to low activity, more acute in developed countries. But not all people are willing to abandon the familiar ways to exercise.

Out, the British fitness coach David Lloyd, who launched his own training program specifically for those who can’t tear himself away from the TV. You can now watch your favorite TV shows and transfer directly during a morning jog.

During a sports coach behind going to be the tablet, where you can watch your favorite show or television program.

My favourite press release of the year:

“David Lloyd Clubs is this week launching PTVs – a team of personal coaches with running outdoor digital screens strapped to their backs, giving people the chance to stay active and healthy while catching-up on their favourite TV show.”

— James Benge (@jamesbenge) April 18, 2018

Once you have decided on the program, the coach chooses an appropriate route that suits your pace and the length of the selected episode for viewing. While Jogging, a customer also gets a pair of wireless headphones, which are connected with the tablet.