In the United States questioned the legality of strike on Syria

In the United States questioned the legality of strike on Syria

The Association for arms control, the United States said that the missile strikes on targets in Syria caused the United States, Britain and France, contrary to international law and the us Constitution.


This was reported on the website of the Association.

“We are deeply concerned that the last military operation of the USA, UK and France were taken without special permission of Congress. Widely dispersed, the assertion that the President has the right to take measures of a military nature, based solely on its considerations, raises questions in the field of observance of the Constitution and a concern about the possibility of the President to initiate military action against other countries, including against North Korea, thus it may lead to the use of nuclear weapons”, — stated in the message.

According to experts, threats of U.S. President Donald trump that the operation will continue to bear the risk of direct confrontation with Russia.

The Association urges the US administration to return to the political process in the UN. And also to provide irrefutable evidence of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime.

On 14 April President of the United States Donald trump gave the order to put the missile strikes on Syrian territory in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the Duma. They were joined by Britain and France.