True friends or brilliant manipulators? Why do people like cats

True friends or brilliant manipulators? Why do people like cats

MOSCOW, 14 APR — RIA Novosti. The behaviour of the domestic cat, scientists are exploring more than half a century, but to understand the nature of her close relationship with a man until the end still failed. RIA Novosti understands why people get so attached to Pets than cats differ from dogs.


Statistics of recent years shows: the cats beat the dogs in popularity. It is celebrated in the United States and Canada, in France and Russia, Germany, and Australia.

If you ask cat owners why they made it such a pet will have a different answer. One cat may seem small and defenseless, so I want to take care of them. Others will tell you that cats are easy to keep, they clean, they don’t need a cage. Third like gracefulness of these animals, their independent character and strong personality. The fourth will note that the fur of cats are a nice touch, and the process of stroking calms the nerves, like meditation. You can still add that cats are funny and smart, so they never get bored and that they bring a piece of wildlife in our house.

Furry devil who walks by himself

Cats lived alongside a human 9,500 years ago: their remains are found in ancient tombs in the island of Cyprus. To domesticate cats began in Ancient Egypt and ended this process, according to some, only two hundred years ago.

About why cats began to live with a man, there is no consensus. According to one hypothesis, they are attracted to people’s homes in which the grain was stored, and therefore, you can always catch mice. Scientists refer to the fact that humans tend to take care of small and weak, and also catch and tame animals, without any economic benefit from it. People are willing to share with the cats shelter and food, take care of them as foster children. In confirmation bring the Indian tribes of North and South America, who also kept cats as Pets, although they do not guard the house, not doing any physical work, don’t lay eggs, do not give wool. People care about them quite unselfishly, obeying its nature.

The history of mankind, however, does not give such unambiguous picture. In Egypt the cat was worshipped along with other animals. And in medieval Europe, by contrast, was considered a servant of the devil, the companion of witches. Wary cats are treated in Japan. In Muslim countries the cat is more tolerant than a dog. Hindus respect her, though, and believe a bad omen if she crosses the road.

In the United States cat owners more, however, according to the survey, 17.4% of Americans don’t like cats (compared to dogs spoke a little more than 2%). Most also big fans of cats — British, which is associated with high activity of animal welfare funds in this country.