NATO countries unanimously supported the strike on Syria

NATO countries unanimously supported the strike on Syria

All countries—members of NATO expressed full support for missile strikes USA, UK and France in Syria, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at a press conference in Brussels following an emergency meeting of the Council of the Alliance.


“Their military action has been limited and directed only at the objects of chemical weapons. There was no alternative to the use of force”, — quotes his words TASS.

The strike has weakened the ability of Damascus to use chemical weapons, said Mr. Stoltenberg.”At the same time, it was a strong signal that can be forced to abandon chemical weapons in the future,” he said.

NATO believes that the attacks on the United States and allies will not prevent a political settlement of the Syrian conflict.

On the contrary, if we looked at the use of chemical weapons, it would undermine the political process. We have clearly expressed support for the political process, the military solution to the conflict there.Jens Stoltenbergsalen NATO Secretary

The attacks on the United States, Britain and France cannot guarantee that a chemical attack will not happen again, says Jens Stoltenberg. “Of course, there can be no guarantees when it regime, as well as state and non-state players who are willing to use chemical weapons, he said.— So we have to work tirelessly to protect and strengthen the regime for the prohibition of chemical weapons”.

We will remind, early in the morning on Saturday the armed forces of the United States, Britain and France bombed targets in Syria. According to preliminary data, as a result of hitting three people were injured, no fatalities. Russia convened an emergency meeting of the UN security Council, where he presented his draft resolution. The security Council document rejected: of the 15 Council members supported it and only three.