China intends to carry out the first biological experiment on the moon

China intends to carry out the first biological experiment on the moon

BEIJING, April 12. /TASS/. China by year-end will carry the space launch lunar lander “Chang’e-4”, which is expected to make the first soft landing on the opposite side of the moon. After landing, interplanetary station will establish communication with Earth.

As reported on Thursday, the Agency “Xinhua”, “Chang’e-4” on the barren lunar surface will be planted with seeds brought in potatoes and other plants.

According to the statement China national space administration (CNSA), the “greening” of Earth’s natural satellite will be part of the experiment, “the lunar mini-biosphere”, to which the moon in a special tin capsules will be delivered to seeds of potato, rezhevichi (lat. Arabidopsis, a flowering plant of the cabbage family), as well as the eggs of the silkworm. According to the researchers, it is expected that “specially installed surveillance cameras will film the process of seed germination and to transfer the record to the laboratory on the Earth.”

In 2016, the China national space administration announced a contest to develop the plan the first lunar biological project. “The lunar mini-biosphere” was selected among 200 candidates participating in the contest. In its development was attended by representatives of 28 universities of China led by scientists from Chongqing University (city under Central authority Chongqing, southwest China).

According to experts, the mission of the lunar lander “Chang’e-4” will be one of the most ambitious space projects this year.

It is expected that the interplanetary station will establish communication with Earth through a relay in the Lagrange point L2. This mission will also enable scientists to get a platform for further study of the reverse side of the natural satellite of the Earth. Part of the “Chang’e-4” will include automatic moon station and lunar Rover, which will be used for geological studies.

Earlier it was reported that the spacecraft “Chang’e-4” is to be launched into space with the help of the carrier rocket “Changzheng-5”, whose launch in July last year, the satellite “Lizzani-18” on Board were unsuccessful. In official statements passed the information that the causes of the failed launch was installed and announced plans to re-implement its run this year.