How to boil eggs so they don’t crack?

How to boil eggs so they don’t crack?

Aephi answers popular questions from readers.

It so happens that eggs crack during cooking, the protein flows out and solidifies on the surface. Okay, if these eggs go on your salad. But it often serves, in which the shell must be intact. For example, deviled eggs or Easter.

To avoid cracks during cooking, need to choose good eggs. They must be fresh — be sure to see the date on the package. You can also check the freshness of eggs by dropping it in a glass of water. Drown — so fresh. The purchase also carefully inspect the packing that it was already damaged eggs. A box of a dozen eggs be sure to open and check. However, there are on the shell cracks, which are not immediately noticed.

If eggs of high quality, from a trusted manufacturer that adheres to all rules for laying hens, these eggs, the shell is usually strong. But what to do with them next, Aifi said chef Roman Cowards.

The eggs should be put in cold salt water, then they will not crack. It is desirable that water was boiling not much, and the eggs didn’t really knock against each other.Roman Rusovce chef

“Salt increases the density of water, which compresses the shell. Even if there are cracks, protein will not flow out. If the egg, remove from refrigerator and put directly into boiling water, it is because of the temperature contrast is likely to crack,” said he.