“In wet conditions to apply this substance could only be an idiot”

“In wet conditions to apply this substance could only be an idiot”

Vil Mirzayanov — the conclusions of the Commission of the OPCW in the case of poisoning in Salisbury.

Experts from the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons confirmed the findings of Britain about the nature of the poison in the “case Skrypalia”. At the same time, in the open part of the OPCW report does not mention specific names of substances, talked about Prime Minister Theresa may — “Beginner”. But the document refers to the high purity of the substance. The chemist Vil Mirzayanov, who calls himself one of the founders of the “Newbie” in an interview with “Kommersant FM” draws attention that this substance has several properties that make its use in the British climate are meaningless.

— Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons released a report, she agreed with the findings of the British Commission, although they directly in this document not call a substance a “Newbie”. The report also noted that the substance was pure, there was virtually no impurities. How can one interpret these findings?

They probably got a good analysis of the purified product. Maybe they have synthesized specially for this occasion just in the lab, not an industrial design provided. If raw materials were high purity, then there is, of course, impurities may not be.

— On the properties of the poison is somehow reflected?

— Especially not affect, impurities usually are hundredths of a percent tenths of a percent, it does not really matter for strength, for efficiency.

— Clean the poison says something about the place where he could produce?