The military operation of Western countries against Syria is postponed, but not cancelled

The military operation of Western countries against Syria is postponed, but not cancelled

MOSCOW, 12 APR — RIA Novosti. Expected in the night of Thursday the military operation of Western countries against Syria was delayed, but not cancelled. When the US and allies strike and how it will be done, is still not clear.


On Monday after the recent reports about the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian Duma, the President of the United States Donald trump promised to make a decision about action against Syria within 24 or 48 hours, not excluding military action. On Wednesday, trump seemed to confirm the imminent strike on Syria, wrote on Twitter that Russia, which promised to knock down all the missiles fired at the SAR should be prepared as “they’re coming”, but after just a few minutes, the us leader acted in the opposite way, suggesting that Russia to stop the arms race and all to build relationships, including in the economic sphere.

The decision is still pending

However, the degree of tension around Syria by the evening began to subside. The first “good” news announced by the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis, who said that the United States still evaluate the evidence of the alleged chemical attack in Syria.

According to the Minister, the us military is ready to “provide military options (actions), if they would be appropriate, at the discretion of the President.” It responded to his statement and markets — rouble over the past three days seriously slipped against the dollar and the Euro, the evening was trading in a light advantage to these currencies.

Later the White house has signaled that military operations in the next few hours is not worth waiting. According to the representative of the US administration Sarah Sanders, trump has not made a final decision to strike on Syria, discusses different options as to the method of response and time.

“This is one of the possibilities (attack on Syria). It just means that this is one of the options that the President can do and can not do. This applies to time,” she said, answering a question of journalists, whether the strike on Syria and does the recent publication on Twitter of the trump that the decision to strike on Syria has been made.

She also noted that consultations with partners and allies on this issue are ongoing. She noted that “the President has a number of other options on Syria, in addition to missile attack.”