The Brazilian turned herself into a mermaid

The Brazilian turned herself into a mermaid

Despite the mixed reaction, the boy remains loyal to her love for mermaids.

If “living” Barbie and Ken people have more or less used to it, it met the mermaid on the beach, they are lost. Especially if it “RUSAL”.

24-year-old Douglas Borges from Rio de Janeiro from the age of nine just obsessed with myths about these fabulous sea creatures. With age, this hobby is not only gone, but transformed into a real hobby.

Now Douglas periodically shocking others, appearing on local beaches in the playful way of RUSAL.

According to the Brazilian, his tails are unique and made from silicone to order. Borges recognizes that women and children love him and have their picture taken with him. But men mostly react aggressive, insulting and laughing at him. However, the guy is trying not to take hurtful words seriously and recognizes that truly believes in the existence of real mermaids and Mer, which are necessarily ever “reveal himself to the world”.

In fact, Borges is not the only “RUSAL” in the world. In social networks there are whole communities of men who are seriously interested in this caudate hobby.

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