“Radical black color”, or what is in hair dye

“Radical black color”, or what is in hair dye

MOSCOW, 10 APR — RIA Novosti, Tatiana Pichugina. The hair of graphene oxide, wherein, according to the developers, special resistance, aroused great interest.

However, also of importance is the issue of security components included in the ink composition. RIA Novosti says, which compounds are used in hair dyes, and finds out whether the popular myth about natural dyes rational basis.

Hair is made up of three layers of dead cells filled with an elastic, insoluble protein keratin. Keratin inside the hair cells are located randomly and loosely. They are held from the outside by a layer of elongated cells, called the cortex. The outside of the hair cuticle covered with ten layers of dead skin cells like roof tiles. Due to this structure, the hair grows long and smooth. Color them provides the pigment melanin contained in the cortex.

To dye the hair, you first need to clarify, and this is a purely chemical process, because we are talking about the dissolution of melanin.

Handle that oxidants such as hydrogen peroxide, or substances that serve as its source. Once the hair is bleached, you can apply tonal dye. In the simplest case, it just absorbed into the hair, filling voids in the cuticle scales.

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“In this embodiment, the paint is not very durable, which explains the effect of light changing the hue of the hair after a few washes the head with shampoo. Usually the third time’s physically associated with hair dyes washed out, and further until you grow roots, hair color does not change,” — says Arkady Kuramshin, associate Professor of the Chemical Institute of Kazan Federal University.

A large part of the dye is a nitrogen-containing compounds, which are derived from derivatives of organic compounds — aniline. The most commonly used PPD. It is a colorless substance that does not exist in nature. On the air and in the presence of moisture it is easy to color them in contact with the skin or clothes in dark blue color. When connecting with an oxidizer turns brown.