Victoria Skripal appealed to Theresa may to reconsider the question of issuing her visa

Victoria Skripal appealed to Theresa may to reconsider the question of issuing her visa

Cousin Julia Skripal said that her family needed to be together.


LONDON, April 7. /TASS/. Cousin Julia Skripal — Victoria — publicly appealed to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may to reconsider extradition of her British visa, which was refused. Their appeal is read, the TV channel Sky News.

“The main thing I wish now is to see them in person, to be able to truthfully tell our grandmother about how the health of her son and granddaughter, but the visa was refused. The whole world is talking about an unprecedented political scandal, but in the midst of this scandal are real people.”

“This is our family, which actually needs to be together now,” said Victoria, referring to the head of the British government.

She read out the statement in Russian, but the TV station presented it in the English translation.

Britain on Friday refused to issue a visa Victoria Skripal, who had intended to visit the victim in English of Salisbury, a cousin, a citizen of Russia Yulia Skripal. The press-Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the United Kingdom reported that a petition for a visitor visa was rejected “on the grounds that it is inconsistent with the immigration rules”.

The Embassy of the Russian Federation drew attention to the “government source” broadcasting Corporation Bi-bi-si, which suggested that the refusal to grant a visa is that “the Russian government seems to be trying to use Victoria as a pawn”.

And this, as stressed in the Russian Embassy, “clearly means that the decision was taken for purely political considerations” and a link to the Ministry of internal Affairs on the immigration violation is “not tenable”.

The Embassy added that British diplomats in Moscow were able to advise Victoria on the issue of observing the necessary formalities to ensure that all your visa requirements.

The result of this decision, it was emphasized that the situation when Sergei Skripal and Julia, whose health is, reportedly, a recovering, remain hidden from the public, the media and consular officials, while the only relative who could quite expect to see them located outside the UK. As noted in the Russian Embassy, “the persistent refusal to cooperate, to ensure transparency and to answer numerous questions means that the UK has something to hide”.