The OPCW rejected the Russian proposal on business Skripal

The OPCW rejected the Russian proposal on business Skripal

A joint Russian-Iranian-Chinese draft statement on the incident in Salisbury did not gain enough votes in the OPCW. This was stated by the permanent representative of Russia about the organization of Alexander Shulgin, reports TASS.


“Today at the meeting of the Executive Council of the OPCW held a vote on the Russian-Iranian-Chinese project. We, unfortunately, failed to gain the two — thirds supermajority in order to get our resolution passed. Opposed by the British and Americans, then, following their example, member States of the EU, NATO and some us allies in Asia,” he said.

Shulgin has drawn attention to the fact that “23 countries refused to associate themselves with this point of view, voting either in our proposal or abstaining. This is more than half of the entire Executive Board,” added the diplomat.

In his opinion, London and his partners are “afraid to answer for libel, so do not want to establish the truth of the case Skripal. The feeling is that I’m afraid that in the course of the investigation we will dot the “i” and clarify what really happened”, — concluded the diplomat.