Loss of savings leads to premature death

Loss of savings leads to premature death

After the sudden financial collapse of the chances to die increase by 50%.

An article by a group of researchers from northwestern and Michigan universities (USA) published in the journal JAMA.

Scientists have collected data on nine thousand people aged 51 to 61 years. More than three thousand of them within two years (since 1994) for one reason or another have lost 75% of their savings, and some of them came to poverty. Other people have not experienced dramatic financial shocks. Observations lasted 20 years, until 2014. Almost three thousand people by that time died.

Scientists came to the conclusion that the financial collapse at least twice increases the chances of dying in the next two decades.

The researchers also analyzed data on a group of people who have never had savings. The risk of early death from them was approximately the same as those who lost the fortune.

Our most surprising discovery was the fact that the loss of wealth also has a negative impact on life expectancy, as well as the complete lack of it.Poole and Lindsay (Lindsay Pool)Lead author of the study

According to Poole and her colleagues, based on their discovered phenomenon may be two reasons — the psychological shock of the financial collapse and difficulty getting medical care because of poverty.

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