Just like ogurechik

Just like ogurechik

Why Russians are leaving domestic for the canadian circus Cirque du Soleil.

In the circus artists-the crickets walk knees back, a giant ladybug fall in love with the whole auditorium, and backstage hanging next to the flags of Russia and Ukraine. Within three months, Ovo (“Egg”) Cirque du Soleil will roam across our country — from St. Petersburg to Sochi, not forgetting about Moscow, the Urals and the Volga region.

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“I do that, I simply grab, says Sasha Grohl, the guy whose biceps are thicker than the waist of his partner. — They fly.” Grol — lovitor, he is swinging in the air trapeze, throws colleague girls and catches those that came to him. His work literally affects the life and health of artists — and because of his “I” is pronounced with a grin of a man who knows his worth.

He’s one of many of our compatriots working in Cirque du Soleil, the canadian circus, has long turned into a global Corporation that willingly hires our people.

“Sport schools in Russia are very strong, — says artistic Director of Ovo Tim Bennett, and we often invite people coming from sport and not from old circus families.” However, Grol — it is from a circus family. His father nightly kept on the shoulders of a few people standing at the base of the acrobatic pyramid — and the son was fifteen, back when the fifty-year-old father has ceased to withstand the load.

Dad said, come on, you have now someone to earn. Well, I went into the arena.Sasha Prelatist Cirque du Soleil, lovitor

The circus is changing along with the world — earlier in Cirque du Soleil together with the parents often children worked as it was has long been accepted in the arena, and the circus even carried with him a private school.

But more and more athletes who finish early career. Flying circus over the precipice and trust in the hands of Sasha Gros Nina Kartseva came from gymnastics. At the time she became European champion in the Russian team — and having finished sports career, went to work in the Russian circus. Why steam changed our arena at Cirque du Soleil?

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During the download an error has occurred.The atmosphere was different. In Russia it often happens: someone is tired, someone hates someone. And here all communicate on a good wave.Sasha Prelatist Cirque du Soleil, lovitor

About the money not say not accepted, as it does in Europe. But it is clear that the conditions of artists happy — this year was extended to all contracts, no one left to seek a better life. All remained in their places: scarabs (this is the room where you work Sasha and Nina), and Chinese ants, which, lying on back, feet toss the drums and each other (in circus terminology, the room is called “Icarian games”), and gymnasts-butterfly (canadian steam in the air creating the illusion of weightlessness and free flight — although the ropes on which they work, are not hidden from the public eye). And, of course, a multinational team of crickets that fly off the trampoline and runs on eight-foot wall. The crickets gathered from China, Belgium, USA, UK, Russia and Ukraine — and perfectly understand each other.

Circus people are not discussing political issues, otherwise life in the company would be intolerable.

Standard work schedule — two months of submissions (with “doubles” on the weekends), two weeks of vacation.

Leave people alternates: usually one artist spends with his family, and one somewhere in warm edges, to give rest to the body. Among a lively discussion of the holiday joys suddenly hear a low voice one of the flyers: “I usually go home. Only my house is a war, and get a very long time. Sometimes a few days. But I still ride there parents.” “She is from Lugansk,” — says sympathetically, sitting next to a guy.

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The plot of Ovo is quite conditional, we impose the insect life, but it’s still a circus, not a drama, and in the play there are no, God forbid, conflicts. Well, except that the expressive ladybug size 5XL explain some little bug how to treat a lady (comedians speak a fictional language circes, woven from the words of many languages — he does not literally clear, but clear all the emotions invested in the monologue). Combined next to each other rooms just costumes, representing different types of insects, but what are the costumes! The circus travels with its own production workshop, which provides the grasshoppers costumes with knees back, print on a 3D printer formic hats and sews the shoes with a 50-centimeter noses, though taken from Oriental tales. All this colorful luxury should be comfortable and safe, and therefore masters listen carefully to the comments of the artists that don’t always happen in our company.

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During the download an error has occurred.In the company of artists from 21 countries who speak seven different languages.

Behind the scenes of Cirque du Soleil hung flags of all countries whose nationals participate in the show. In the center — the flag of the circus, and the closer to it the flag of the country — the more of artists from her work today in the arena. Closest to the centre — the Russian and Ukrainian flags, away — Canada, then Brazil (from it came the Ladybird nave Nacimiento). Austria and China, Mongolia and France.

In fact, coming to us not just a circus, but the model of an ideal world — in this working model. And this is one of the greatest miracles of our time which affects not less, than the acrobats and jugglers.

Anna Gordeeva.