What happens if the medication will start to sell in supermarkets

What happens if the medication will start to sell in supermarkets

Will there be medicines available in stores, next to the sausage and beer? And whether it’s in the hands of buyers? The Ministry of industry and trade, which promotes this idea (the bill has already passed public discussion) to believe that pharmacies will compete with supermarkets, and this will lead to lower prices. So, medicines will become more affordable. Representatives of business say that no competition will not, most pharmacies will quickly be ruined, so prescription drugs will eventually become more difficult to buy.

“The fact that a healthy competition out of the question, — have explained “RG – Week” the head of the Pharmacy Guild Elena Nevolina. — The law on circulation of medicines is proposed to add a new concept of “trade organization” and to allow them to sell non-prescription medicines. The pharmacy receives a license authorizing to engage in formdialog. It involves special conditions of storage of medicines and staff training, and the duty to advise the buyer. Trading networks are expected to allow licensing in a declarative manner, by a simplified variant of the”.

Key point — the list of drugs that the supporters of the free offer of sale “to convey” stores.

Now the volume-selling RX and OTC drugs are divided almost equally: 49% and 51%, respectively. But “Berezatara” more profitable: these drugs are aggressively marketed and actively bought and sold. As for drugs sold on prescription, which is mostly the drugs from government-approved list of vital and essential (EDL), and prices are strictly regulated by the state. Pharmacies are obliged to sell them, and they’re doing it, but the profit it brings.

“Pharmacy is not an ordinary trade organisation, we run social functions, — says Elena Nevolina. — To produce drugs in the production departments profitable. Vital sold with minimal markup. In addition, pharmacies provide a narcotic analgesic with cancer — in this part more strict trading rules, you need a security system and alarm, all this is expensive. But pharmacies this entire load is carried, covering part of the loss-making activities through the sale of “running” OTC drugs”.

NewsMore than 30% of Russians prefer to stock up on drugs, has shown prospectively pharmacies have calculated that if they “take” over-the-counter part sales, prescription drugs that are not included in the list of essential drugs, immediately soar in price and spending on the part of citizens will increase by 51-75 billion per year.

In the FAS, which supports the idea of store sales, I believe that the functioning of the pharmaceutical innovation does not affect. But what is interesting: the controversial bill has not yet passed. But the pharmacies have reacted. Representatives of large networks (for example, “Rigla”, which has about 2,000 “points” across the country) say, will have to close almost every other pharmacy. First and foremost, those that are close to shops.

As for small individual pharmacies and kiosks (there are many in districts, towns) — the owners understand that to lose in the competition in the first place. Interesting fact: service free ads Yula has analyzed the dynamics of announcements of sale of the pharmacy business. So, in the last week the number of ads on the sale of equipment for pharmacies rose from 3.5 times. Pharmacy signs and are now trying to sell in 1.5 times more often than in the beginning of the year. The owners are already trying to get rid of has become risky business.