Under the building of the Parliament in Kiev clashes police and protesters

Under the building of the Parliament in Kiev clashes police and protesters

In the tent city came the investigators, in response the protesters began to burn tires.

Moscow. 3 Mar. INTERFAX.RU — IN a tent camp near the Parliament in Kiev clashes broke out between protesters and law enforcement officers detained several people, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

“Near the tent camp near the Parliament, there were clashes between police and protesters. During the clashes, protesters set fire to tires. Police detained several people. It is reported that from both parties there are wounded”, — informs the Internet edition with reference to eyewitnesses.

According to eyewitnesses, the police came to tent city to conduct investigations on several criminal cases. In response, people from the town began to burn tires.

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Posted by Artem Shevchenko on March 2, 2018At boot time the error occurred.

The Ministry of internal Affairs confirmed the information about investigative actions.

“In accordance with the court order, the police conducts investigations under the Parliament (the Verkhovna Rada — if) in the investigation of several criminal proceedings. Obstruction of this investigation is terminated in accordance with the law,” wrote the Director of the Department of communication of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine Artem Shevchenko on his Facebook on the morning of 3 March.