In the United States solved the mystery of “mysterious lights” over Milwaukee

In the United States solved the mystery of “mysterious lights” over Milwaukee

MOSCOW, 2 Mar — RIA Novosti. Users of social networks in the US scared “mysterious lights” in the sky over Milwaukee, Wisconsin, caught seagulls, writes Sputnik International.

Unusual moving objects in the night sky fell on the camera crew for Fox 6 News.

why is no one talking about the aliens over Milwaukee this week

— lil cup (@jewcup) March 1, 2018.

“What the hell is that? You see this too?” — audible voice-leading, discussing moving erratically over the city small bright spots.

Many Network users were surprised by an unusual sight. Some had their own versions of what could be in the sky over Milwaukee.

“Drones,” suggested Twitter user @Swaciey.

“Fireflies” — wrote @GaitanJocelyn.

Some even thought about the aliens, but later the Twitter account @ufoofinterest that debunks rumors about UFOs, there was an explanation for this phenomenon.

“It’s a flock of seagulls, from which reflected light. Their “traces” in the video — just image distortion,” reads the entry on “mysterious object” over Milwaukee.

Many are still wondering what are those ‘UFOs’ flying over #Milwaukee. It was a flock of seagulls reflecting illumination. Also, those trails are just camera artifacts, not real. FOX6News published a similar video taken on Feb 21 with the same ‘objects’

— (@ufoofinterest) March 1, 2018.

In proof of whistleblowers attached the same video published by Fox 6 News a few days earlier. Visible flock of seagulls that look like fuzzy white spots on the night sky.