The British gentlemen’s club will be replenished female transgender

In the ranks of one of the oldest men’s clubs of London, the Savile Club for the first time a woman. About this newspaper The Telegraph.

We are talking about a man who was already a member of the Savile Club. Now he decided to change his gender and become a woman.

The club management has decided that the 30-year-old father of two small children who are married, will be able to stay at the club and after gender change, in spite of the policy of the club.

Savile Club was founded in 1868. It included many famous people, including writers Robert Louis Stevenson, Alexander Milne and Rudyard Kipling. Now the club is composed composer Andrew Lloyd Webber and actor Stephen fry.

In October, the UK government appealed to the UN to replace the term “pregnant woman” “pregnant man” for the rights of transgender people. In London believe that changes must be made in signed by Britain in 1976 of the international Covenant on civil and political rights of the United Nations. The document says that “a pregnant woman” needs to be protected, it cannot be subjected to the death penalty. UK opposes such a term because it “excludes transgender individuals who might be pregnant.”