Tests of manned spacecraft “Federation” will start on November 7

Tests of manned spacecraft “Federation” will start on November 7

Testing elements of the future Russian manned spacecraft will start on 7 November in Moscow. Within the 17-day experiment, SIRIUS for simulation of the flight around the moon will be tested to the management of modern vehicle and uniforms of the crew, told the newspaper “Izvestia” in rocket-space Corporation “Energy”.

“We get an objective evaluation of the operator’s activities at different stages. Will be explained how the operator’s skills are stable, decrease if they are depending on the circumstances, there is a possibility these skills to support,” said the Corporation.

It is reported that the main crew of the insulating SIRIUS experiment-17, entered Anna Kikin, Elena Luchitskaya, Natalia Lysova, Ilya Rukavishnikov, mark Serov, Victor fetter (Fetter Viktor). They will test the new flight suits that were developed specifically for the crews of future ships of the Federation.