Spacey and Weinstein began to heal from sexual addiction

Spacey and Weinstein began to heal from sexual addiction

Actor Kevin spacey and producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of sexual harassment, began to undergo rehabilitation for sexual addiction at a clinic in the United States. About this newspaper the Daily Mail.

The Meadows clinic, services which are spacey and Weinstein, is located in Arizona. A month of treatment, it is 36 thousand dollars (2 million roubles). While Meadows says that is the best program to cure sex addiction in the United States.

Daily Mail writes that spacey came to the clinic at the end of last week. Weinstein had previously been seen in the Phoenix suburb of which is Meadows.

In rehab spacey and Weinstein can use the swimming pool, a yoga centre, fitness centre. Also available to them such pastimes as horse riding and acupuncture.

To deliver them from dependence Meadows is collected using 45-day course under the title “the Gentle way”, in which spacey and Weinstein held consultations on their problems and try to solve them with the help of the course “expressive arts”.

In October, several dozen women have accused Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in sexual harassment and rape, among them Cara Delevingne, Lea seydoux and Angelina Jolie. Against the background of these confessions to numerous other Hollywood celebrities and singers began to talk about molestation and rape. In particular, the same charges were brought and to Kevin spacey.