Almost half of Russians were satisfied with the police work

Almost half of Russians were satisfied with the police work

Moscow. 7 Nov. INTERFAX.RU — the Share of Russians who are satisfied with the police in your community has increased to 46% against 36% in 2013 and 27% in 2010, reported “Interfax” in the “Levada-Center”.

Unhappy with the police, 34% of respondents (in 2013 — 46%, in 2010 — 60%). Undecided 20% participants of a survey conducted from 20 to 24 October among 1,600 people aged 18 years and older in 137 localities of the 48 regions of the Russian Federation.

The ratio of police to citizens in Russian society assess the same: 33% think it is indifferent and formal, 27% — polite and helpful, 11% is rough and boorish, 5% is illegal. In 2007, these figures were 42%, 26%, 14% and 5% respectively.

According to the survey, for help to the police in the last two years have addressed 75% of the respondents. Of these, 25% said that the treatment “was in fact ignored”, 21% said they were treated “without due attention, but the problems eventually were resolved through official channels”; 10% had resolved their problems “in an informal way”.

To the rest of the respondents reacted with the required note: 17% “the police have done everything possible, but it was intractable problems are outside its competence”, 12% “the problem has been resolved, but informal way” and 11% “the problems were resolved by private agreement”.