Peasants in the Leningrad region took the potato father in a stolen tractor and ended up under arrest

In Leningrad region the police detained 43-the summer inhabitant of village Vakhnova car that drunk stole a tractor “Belarus” from the territory of the dairy factory in the neighboring village. This writes

“The truck brought the feed, the gate remained opened, and he took the tractor and drove. Took it home took the instruments, “Bulgarian”, and the father of the potatoes brought”, — told the publication about the circumstances of the incident, the Director of the enterprise “Agrofirma Rassvet” Anna Mazeroski.

Two hours later, the man returned to the vehicle, parked it at the gate of the dairy, and went home. There, the thief was caught by the guards. “We here all each other know,” explained the woman the reason for the crime in hot pursuit.

The man opened a criminal case for illegal acquisition of a vehicle without theft (article 166 of the criminal code). Currently, he is placed under arrest until the election of a preventive measure during the investigation. The suspect is presumed to have already had problems with the law.

28 Jun drunk resident of Moscow hijacked the harvest tractor depot on Garden travel in the North-East of the city and got it into an accident. The man collided with a taxi on Sheremetievskaya street and tried to escape from the scene.