Boris grits complained to the detention center to continue the “harassment” from Felgenhauer

Boris Grits

Arrested after the attack on a leading radio station “Echo of Moscow” Tatiana Felgengauer Boris grits said members of the Public monitoring Commission who visited him in jail that “initiated” journalist “telepathic contact” has not stopped. On Tuesday, November 7, according to “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

According to grits, attacking, Felgengauer with a knife, he didn’t plan to kill her and tried to interrupt the “telepathic communication”. “She reported that he is ready for a normal dialogue, and just like that, telepathically, do not want. Yes, the whole country now knows what I wrote in social networks. I warned, asked to stop all this. And when he came to the editor, I didn’t want to kill. Just wanted to show her that evil begets evil. And the fact that her throat slashed — well, it happened,” he said.

The prisoner said that after the arrest of “telepathic contact” has not stopped. He complained that because of the stab in the throat it will not soften the charge with “attempted murder” to “causing grievous bodily harm”.

Soon the grits will be sent to the Serbsky center for psychiatric evaluation.

October 23, a citizen of Russia and Israeli Boris grits broke into the editorial office of “echo of Moscow”, using the protection against pepper spray, and then found the journalist Tatyana Felgengauer and stabbed her in the throat. The network was found a diary of grits, in which he accused her daily sexually telepathic harassment. Leading went to the research Institute sklifosofskiy in serious condition. November 6, Felgenhauer went back to work.