Found a way to manage sexual desire

Increased activity of hormone kisspeptin enhances sex drive and reduces anxiety in male mice, these findings hold true for humans. A study by British scientists presented at the annual conference of the Society for endocrinology in Harrogate (UK).

The team was able to find a group of neurons that respond to kisspeptin, in the region of the brain (the amygdala) rodents responsible for emotional and sexual behavior, in particular anxiety or social interaction.

“Men disorders related to anxiety, occur in tandem with sexual dysfunction. The results of our study show that activation kisspeptin neurons of the amygdala is coordinated by sexual preference and anxiety behavior on the bark, contributing to the maximum reproductive success of men,” said study co-author Daniel Adekanbi.

Work is the first in which it was possible to identify the important role of kisspeptin in regulating sexual and social behavior. It allows you to get closer to creating drugs aimed at the prevention of sexual dysfunction and related disorders with anxiety. Experts do not exclude that the regulation of kisspeptin can “modulate sexual orientation”.