Texas shooter was convicted of assaulting his wife and child

Opened fire in a Baptist Church in Texas city Sutherland springs Devin Kelly five years ago was sentenced by a military Tribunal for assaulting his wife and child. About that CNN reported the press Secretary of the U.S. air force Ann Stefanek.

Earlier television broadcast that the offender served in the air forces of the United States, engaged in the preparedness of the rear on the Holloman air base in new Mexico from 2010 until his dismissal. Stefanek said that Kelly “had been dismissed for disciplinary reasons in 2014 and was under arrest 12 months”.

On 5 November it became known that the shooting killed 26 people, 20 were injured. A man in a military uniform walked into the Church during service and opened fire on the people.

The offender tried to prevent a local resident who began to shoot at the attacker. Kelly tried to escape from him by car, which later found his body. But it is not known if he is dead from a bullet citizen or committed suicide.

Background: a Local resident fired back at Texas arrow