Established the identity of the shooter in Texas Church

Started a fire in the Church of the town of Sutherland springs (TX, USA) is a 26-year-old Devin Kelly (Devin Kelley), a white male from the suburbs of San Antonio. Reported by ABC News.

The police say that he probably is in no way affiliated with organized terrorist groups. Now investigators are examining his social network. The young man’s house was searched.

Daily Beast said that Kelly served in the U.S. air force, and taught Sunday school.

Earlier, on 5 November it was reported that the shooting killed 26 people, including the daughter of a priest, a pregnant woman and two year old child. Many more were injured. Later BBC News reported that he died 26 23 inside the Church, two outside, one died later.

Unidentified man in military uniform entered the Church, Sutherland springs and opened fire on the congregation. It is noted that he was found dead in the car. It is unknown if he had killed himself or he was shot by someone from the local residents.

The President of the United States Donald trump expressed his condolences on Twitter. He noted that monitoring the situation of Japan is on a working visit.

Background: the Daughter of a priest died in the shooting in a Church in Texas