Fabulous work. Why do people throw it all away for “work dreams”

Fabulous work. Why do people throw it all away for “work dreams”

MOSCOW, Nov 2 — RIA Novosti, Irina Halecky. Every year, the authorities of Queensland in Australia announced a competition for the position of superintendent of tropical Hamilton island. The vacancy is called “the best job in the world”: special education is not required, it is only necessary to be able to swim, feed the fish, to sail and to be a good storyteller. “It must be a special person. It will be a very busy, well-spent time,” write the authors of the ads. For “work” he will pay about 100 thousand dollars.

Beautiful in words, in practice the position is often not the same as its sign in the Declaration, and the conditions can be quite “heavenly”. The RIA Novosti correspondent found out how people who refused the usual office for the sake of dreams, and how their expectations matched reality.

From the CEO — lifeguard

The General Director of the school of fitness, in the past researcher, VNIIGAZ Svetlana Elkina few years ago quit his job and went to “save the turtles” in Sri Lanka. Now Svetlana is a volunteer at the centre for the protection of animals. Saves get caught in the nets and wounded by the debris of reptiles. Another center buys eggs from locals and holds discussions to those not engaged in poaching. The daily work of Svetlana to walk the beaches and collect the turtle nests and found eggs placed in the incubator.

During the download an error has occurred.Svetlana Elkina and one of the rescued turtles

“Somehow, traveling to Thailand, I stayed on the island, where was organized a nursery for sea turtles. All day that I was there, I helped feed the animals and clean their pools. It was my first meeting with the turtles — and just the beginning of a great love,” — says Svetlana.

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The reverse side of this work is that now Svetlana practically earns nothing, especially when compared with the income that was received as General Director of the fitness center. So she is seriously thinking to become a marine biologist and a professional to dedicate his life to saving amphibians.

Once I realized that life do not, however. Probably, someone lives with thoughts of how to make a fortune, build a house, buy cars, fur coats, and someone wants to save the world.Svetlana Elkina

Saxophonist and tractor

To work on sand and water can be not only in tropical countries — in 2016, the Network appeared the vacancy of caretaker Amber beach in Kaliningrad.

“Us: plush place of work — on the first line of the sea. From you — excellent job – the best beach of Russia (the coast has international rating of the quality of the “Blue beach”. — Approx. ed.). The sporty, no bad habits, ability to work around the clock are welcome. A sea of emotions and unforgettable experience guarantee”, — said in the text of the vacancy.

Lina Leposava arrived from Kemerovo, first Deputy of the CEO of one of the large hotels in Amber. Having no formal training, she auditioned and came to service. In fact, the work was interesting, but surprisingly exhausting. “Sit down there was no time to rest, too, from the pros — gorgeous Baltic tan,” she recalls.

The girl says that no special skills are really not required.

“It was hard: at six in the morning rise and run to work. We need a constant control of the staff, otherwise the work gets, or is not on schedule,” she says.

“The main problem is lack of sleep. To work in such positions — a great experience, but it took me one season,” admits Lina. Once married, the “dream job” she left.

The position, according to her, consisted entirely of contrasts: “in the Evening on the beach playing the saxophone and then in the sunset could drive utility tractor — he’s on a strict schedule of garbage collection. And try to stop it”.