Conquerors of the depths: as the birthplace of the domestic submarine fleet “strategy”

Submarine project 667A

© CDB “Rubin”

SAINT-PETERSBURG, 5 Nov. /TASS/. 50 years ago — November 5, 1967 — in the Navy were adopted by the first domestic nuclear submarine of strategic purpose submarine project 667A K-137, named “Leninets”. About the submarines of this type TASS said in their developed TSKB “the ruby”.

“By the time of completion of the K-137 on arms of the Navy of the Soviet Union were nuclear submarines of project 658 with ballistic missiles, also designed in the Bureau “Rubin”. However, it is the ships project 667A submarine submarines are considered a strategic destination, as the range of their fire became Intercontinental. In addition, the ships of project 658 carried only three missiles, and 667A — 16 (ammunition has increased more than five times)”, — explained in the office.

K-137 and the subsequent ships of this series of pre-launch preparation of missiles for the first time carried out automatically. In the fall of 1969 the second ship of project (K-140) first in the world made wasmerely volley. The project 667A was equipped with the first domestic automated information management system “Cloud.” She collected information about the environment, solve the navigation task, provided the use of missile and torpedo weapons.