The winner of “Battle of psychics” arrested on a stolen Bentley in St. Petersburg

Employees of traffic police have detained in St.-Petersburg the winner of the TV show “Battle of psychics” Swami Dashi (Peter Smirnov) on a stolen Bentley. On Saturday, November 4, according to “Fontanka”.

According to the publication, the car at which wheel there was a psychic who stopped near the metro station “Vyborg” 1 Nov. When checking it turned out that the machine was broken identification number (VIN). After that, the driver was taken to the regional police Department, which was registered by the material of the inquiry.

Sam Bentley was sent for examination. As stated by Swami Dashi machine — used, bought it in its current state and that it could be stolen, knew nothing.

Peter Smirnov, better known as Swami Bodhi Dashi, won the 17th season of “the Battle of psychics”, which failed in December 2016. In addition, he was awarded the title of the mysterious psychic of the project, said “Fontanka”.