The defense Ministry announced air strike on positions of the IG

The defense Ministry announced air strike on positions of the IG

The Russian defense Ministry reported a new attack on the positions of militants in Syria, who have struck long-range bombers. In the military reported the destruction of all targets.

According to the Ministry of defence, group impact on positions of grouping “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization) in the area of the Syrian town of Abu Kemal has made long-range bombers Tu-22 M3. Targets were command posts of fighters and stockpiles of weapons and ammunition.

The Ministry of defense reported that, according to objective control, all designated facilities were affected and the aircraft after the job is returned to the airbases.

The defense Ministry said that the Tu-22 M3 took off from the territory of Russia and before the attack of insurgents made a flight over the territory of Iraq. “Over Syrian territory, long-range aviation aircraft were accompanied by crews of su-30CM from the airport “Hamim””, — stated in the message.

On the eve of the attack on is positions in the area of Abu Kemal has been made not only long-range bombers, but the submarine “Kolpino”. It was released cruise missiles struck targets in Syria. The Ministry of defence the results of the operation called “crushing damage to the grouping of militants”.

As noted in the defense Ministry, the actions of the Russian space forces allowed to deploy the active offensive actions of the troops of the Syrian army.

Abu-Kemal remains the last relatively large settlement in Syria, which is controlled by the militants. From the North and West of the city advancing government troops, the troops of Hezbollah and U.S.-backed Kurds. From the South to Abou-Kemal in the approaching Iraqi army, the final liberation from militants of Anbar province.